General agricultural worker

RUBICON ORGANICS INCORPORATED is hiring a General Agricultural Worker to perform the activities and responsibilities listed in the job description. Candidates who meet this job requirement are encouraged to apply as this is a full-time position with flexible work schedules. Interviews will be held and candidates who perform well will be awarded the position to begin their employment process immediately. This job position has been approved by LMIA.

Full Job Description

The chosen candidate is responsible for:

  • Monitoring irrigation and soil moisture.
  • Feed and care for the animals.
  • Ensure the farm is kept clean.
  • Report signs of illness.
  • Crop harvest
  • Operate agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • Maintain daily reports of agricultural activities.
  • Elimination of remains of dry leaves from the crop.
  • Maintain high standards of animal welfare.
  • Identify sick animals
  • Provide veterinary treatment and routine vaccinations for animals.

Ideal job requirement

The chosen candidate must:


  • Have important values ​​and ethics.
  • You must be responsible and authentic.
  • Must be punctual to work.
  • Must have excellent oral and communication skills.
  • Should I harvest seedlings?
  • Should I weed the farm regularly?
  • You must be in good health before performing any task.
  • You must have a positive attitude.
  • You must stay in charge of the necessary ingredients of the feed.
  • Must have good interpersonal and judgment skills.

Required experience

  • There are no standard educational requirements to apply for this job.
  • 1-2 years of experience in a related role.

Type of contract



Working conditions

The successful candidate would work in conditions where:

  • Tight deadlines expected to be met
  • Work under pressure when necessary
  • You will need to pay close attention to details.
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Work environment

The successful candidate would work in an environment where:

  • Strict compliance with safety regulations is required.
  • Work in hot, cold and hot weather conditions
  • Must have good hand-eye coordination.
  • You work in areas with a lot of odor.


  • The successful candidate would earn $19.50 per hour while working 30 to 40 hours per week.

How to apply

First of all, make sure you have read our previous content on the steps to apply for jobs in Canada. After that, you can send a request to the email below

Good luck!