A Dose of Pretty Poison by Kelsey Clayton Download pdf

A Dose of Pretty Poison by Kelsey Clayton is a heartwarming yet angsty novel that encompasses all the beloved tropes of small town romance, brother’s best friend, sports romance, new adult, ride or die best friends, OT jealous hero, praise kink, and virgin heroine.

The story revolves around Hayes Wilder, who stepped up as the man in his family when his father left years ago. His best friend, Cam Blanchard, and his family have become his second family, especially since his mother also had to work hard to provide for her two children. Laiken Blanchard, Cam’s sister, harbored a crush on Hayes for years, and one summer, their chemistry explodes. However, they keep their affair a secret, fearing the consequences of Cam’s reaction and potentially losing their tight-knit friendship group.


Set in a small town where everyone knows everyone, the story poses questions about the growth of a relationship stifled from the beginning and the difficulty of choosing to love someone who does not seem to respect you. The tension is palpable as Laiken takes a hit to her heart while Hayes grapples with the fear of losing the only stable family he has and his best friend. The author’s skillful portrayal of the characters is admirable, with spunky and sassy Laiken and her bestie Mali stealing the show. The title of the book is apt, as the story is both angsty and summertime sweet, evocative of the classic summer romance.

The sports element adds an extra layer to the story, with both Hayes and Laiken involved in ice-themed sports, and it is apparent that this part of the book will become more relevant as the series progresses. The book ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers eager for more of Hayes, Laiken, Cam, Mali, and the rest of the characters in their small town.

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Overall, “A Dose of Pretty Poison” is an enjoyable read, with its blend of romance, small-town charm, and sports drama. It is a promising start to what seems like a captivating series, and fans of the aforementioned tropes will find much to love in this book.