Bae Bae Lyrics By Lil Yatchy

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Bae Bae Lyrics By Lil Yatchy

Aye, yeah, aye, whoa
Aye, droptop rain drop, pull up in a juice box
Aye, hold on, aye, yeah
I might cop a vette cause I muthafuckin’ can
Pull up in a cannon you can check my gangsta grill
Aye back home I got niggas who gon’ kill

Pop it at your noggin if your pussy ass squeal
Hold on, bitch I do this shit for real
Boat from the six or, I ball like a sixer
I don’t drink no liquor, hold on
10 stacks for a picture, chillin’ with my niggers

Yeah damn hold on, yeah
I’m a vet at this shit, all y’all niggas rookie
Eat that pussy up like chocolate chip cookies
Yeah whoa hold on
Bitch I earned all my stripes when I was a youngin’
All my niggas back home, best believe that they dumpin’

All my niggas no band but they be drummin’
Whoa damn
Aye, if you feel what I’m sayin’
Fuck with the kid ‘fore a nigga get to sprayin’
Nigga I ain’t playin’, I’m all about my fetti
Chasin’ after guap, hold on
I said I’m chasin’ after guap

Damn I should’ve banged with chase
Cause I’ve been runnin’ to the money
Like a marathon race
Give a fuck ’bout a race, I’mma bust it at your face
Hold on, no face, no face
Yeah aye whoa damn hold on

Yeah, I’m fuckin’ with this shit
You feel me? I think I might drop a mixtape on these beats, you feel me?
Ain’t nobody fuckin with me in this mufuckin’ music shit nigga
I’m the king of the teens in this muthafucka ya dig?
You don’t know my name goddamn by now you goddamn better get to doin’ some mutafuckin research
You feel me?
Just like that

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I might drop fifty thousand on a necklace
I don’t give a muthafuck cause I’m reckless
Middle fingers to a cop I could give a damn
Young nigga, I might pull up in that goddamn
What the fuck
10 bands spent on a hummer truck
Told that bitch to back it up
Yeah whoa goddamn
Check a nigga wrist, nigga keep lucky charms