Carnage Island: A Rejected Mate Standalone Romance (Reject Island) by Lexi C. Foss Download pdf

Prepare to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of “Carnage Island,” an enthralling standalone romance novel by the talented author Lexi C. Foss. This article invites you to venture into a captivating realm where brutal chaos, fierce passions, and nefarious schemes collide. Follow the journey of an extraordinary Omega trapped in an Alpha’s skin as she navigates through rejection, acceptance, and the allure of three powerful Alpha males. Get ready to experience a gripping tale of love, survival, and unyielding determination on Carnage Island.

In “Carnage Island,” Lexi C. Foss masterfully weaves a dark shifter story with captivating omegaverse undertones. The protagonist, an Omega female, finds herself rejected, unwanted, and a wolf without a mate. Struggling with her identity, she receives a new pack assignment on the treacherous Carnage Island—a place known for vicious and cruel beasts engaged in wicked deeds.


As an outsider in this dangerous world, she becomes fresh meat, sought after by three fierce Alpha males who will stop at nothing to protect and claim her. The stage is set for a deadly game of life and death, where claws and teeth become weapons of survival and malice and pain lurk around every corner.

In this dark romance, the protagonist must summon her inner strength to confront her fate and assert her desires. Amid the intensity and violence, the captivating dynamics between the characters unfold, pushing the boundaries of passion and loyalty.

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“Carnage Island” is a spellbinding dark shifter romance that combines elements of danger, passion, and self-discovery. Lexi C. Foss has crafted a mesmerizing tale where love and survival intertwine amidst the brutal chaos of Carnage Island. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this thrilling journey. Download your free copy of “Carnage Island” today and delve into a world where fierce Alphas and a resilient Omega come together in a breathtaking dance of love and destiny.