Daniel Deronda by George Eliot. Together with an Introduction and Notes Composed by Dr. Carole Jones, a Freelance Writer, and Researcher. Daniel Deronda (1876), the last novel written by George Eliot, recounts the interwoven lives of the beautiful, but pampered and selfish Gwendolene Harleth and the unselfish, yet isolated Daniel Deronda, as they quest for personal and occupational fulfillment and a sympathetic relationship.

Daniel Deronda by Eliot George [Download pdf Below]

The majority of Daniel Deronda takes place in the decadent English aristocratic society of the 1860s. Against the backdrop of imperialism, the persecution of women, and racial and religious bigotry, the novel follows the characters as they strive for meaning in their lives.

Gwendolen’s efforts to flee an abusive relationship and make amends for her crimes in the past are what spark Deronda and Gwendolen’s friendship, while Deronda’s search for his roots leads him to Judaism, where he embarks on a journey toward developing his moral character.


The work continues to be as contentious as it was when it was originally published thanks to Eliot’s unique dual narrative, which questions all possible resolutions and assures that none of them are satisfactory.


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