Large Deployable Satellite Antennas: Design Theory, Methods And Applications by Baoyan Duan, Yiqun Zhang, Jingli Du Download pdf

Unlock the World of Large Deployable Satellite Antennas: Design Theory, Methods, and Applications by Baoyan Duan, Yiqun Zhang, Jingli Du. Welcome to the fascinating realm of large deployable satellite antennas, where groundbreaking design theory, methods, and applications converge. In this article, we invite you to explore the comprehensive insights presented in “Large Deployable Satellite Antennas” by Baoyan Duan, Yiqun Zhang, and Jingli Du. This definitive guide delves into the innovative world of space-deployable antennas, offering a wealth of knowledge and practical applications. Best of all, you can download the PDF version of the book for free, granting you instant access to this invaluable resource.

“Large Deployable Satellite Antennas” encompasses an array of topics essential to the understanding and implementation of these cutting-edge technologies. Authored by experts in the field, the book showcases the authors’ own research and explores the design, analysis, control, deployment, and applications of large space-deployable antennas. Its focus is primarily on mesh antennas, renowned for their versatility across various applications. However, the book also delves into membrane antennas and super-large space-assembled antennas, providing a comprehensive overview of the field.


One of the book’s key highlights is its in-depth examination of forming-finding design and cable-truss structures for high-precision reflector antennas. It also delves into deployment process control and deployment reliability, employing flexible multibody dynamic analysis to ensure optimal performance. The authors address not only mechanical structure performance but also electromagnetic performance realization and stability, providing a holistic perspective on the subject matter.

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Furthermore, “Large Deployable Satellite Antennas” introduces an electrical equivalent method for mesh reflector antennas and a coupling model for the structural displacement field and electrostatic field. These advanced techniques further enhance the book’s value as a comprehensive resource for researchers, graduate students, and engineers specializing in space antennas.

To access the PDF version of “Large Deployable Satellite Antennas” and delve into the remarkable world of space-deployable antennas, simply click the link below. By downloading the book for free, you gain instant access to a wealth of knowledge, innovative design methods, and practical applications.


Discover the transformative potential of large deployable satellite antennas as you explore the insightful research presented by Baoyan Duan, Yiqun Zhang, and Jingli Du. This free PDF download enables you to unlock the wealth of knowledge contained within the pages of this invaluable resource.

Download your free PDF of “Large Deployable Satellite Antennas” today and take a significant step toward expanding your knowledge and expertise in the captivating world of space antennas.