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Not Just a Civil Servant by Anil Swarup [Download pdf Below]

Anil Swarup had a career that spanned 38 years, and during that time, he worked hard to “make it happen.” Before beginning his career at the IAS in 1981, he spent the previous year working for the IPS.


In the competition between the officers in his class at the LBS National Academy of Administration, he was awarded the Director’s Gold Medal. As a civil service member, he worked in various capacities for the governments of the State of Uttar Pradesh and the Central Government.


In the last few years of his professional life, he worked as a Secretary in the Ministry of Coal, where he was responsible for dealing with the fallout from the coal scam.

After that, he held the Secretary for School Education and Literacy position, where he worked to cultivate public-private partnerships to improve the overall quality of education in schools. He was recognized for his ability to innovate while thinking strategically, which earned him some accolades and nominations.


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