The latest book by Robert Kiyosaki helps readers get ready to see and take advantage of the future by drawing on the lessons that may be learned from the past and providing an honest evaluation of the present.

Whether we like it or not, each of us participates in the most significant evolutionary event in the history of the human race. The Industrial Age has ended, and we are now firmly entrenched in the Information Age.

Second chance: for your money, your life and our world by Robert T. Kiyosaki [Download pdf Below]

The once-obvious drivers of change have faded into the background, making them more difficult to spot. And the future belongs to those individuals who can train their brains, use the past to see the future, and take the measures necessary to generate the good change in their life that they want to see.


This book is a guide to understanding how past events will impact the future and how you can use the skills and insights available to you in the Information Age to build a new beginning.

This book is a guide to confronting head-on the dangers posed by the crises occurring all around us, as well as actions and ideas for grabbing the opportunities presented by these crises.


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