The Aeneid (Oxford World’s Classics): The new translation that was done by Frederick Ahl accomplishes something that has never been accomplished before: it captures the enthusiasm, poetic vitality, and intellectual drive of the original.

The Aeneid (Oxford World’s Classics) [Download pdf below]

In order to duplicate the original poetry in a way that is both thrillingly accurate and interesting, Ahl has utilized a variation of Virgil’s ancient hexameter, which is a line with six beats that moves quickly and can have anywhere from twelve to seventeen syllables.

This is an Aeneid that even someone reading it for the first time will be able to understand and appreciate, while its representation of Virgil’s intricacies of thought and language will enchant readers who are already familiar with the epic.


Ahl, in contrast to the majority of translators, has decided to keep Virgil’s wordplay, including all of the puns, anagrams, and other examples of the poet’s buoyant sense of humor. “Virgil, much like Shakespeare and the Greek tragedians, understood that comedy and seriousness do not have to be incompatible in art or in reality; in fact, they can coexist peacefully in both realms.

One should not read the Aeneid as a somber act of reverence but rather for the purpose of amusement.” This spirited new translation brings readers closer to the original and all of the myriad of enjoyments that can be discovered in it. It is enhanced by an introduction written by Elaine Fantham, detailed notes written by Ahl, and an informative glossary that is indexed.

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