The Strong Breed by Wole Soyinka Download pdf

The Strong Breed by Wole Soyinka is a fascinating play that explores themes of sacrifice, superstition, and colonialism. First published in 1963, this play has continued to be relevant even in modern times, as it sheds light on some of the socio-political and cultural issues faced by African societies.

The Strong Breed follows the story of Eman, a young man who is chosen to be sacrificed to the gods of his community. Eman’s mother, Adenebi, is devastated by the news of her son’s impending sacrifice, and she turns to the village’s chief priest, Alejoko, for help. However, Alejoko is a firm believer in the community’s customs and traditions and believes that Eman’s sacrifice is necessary to appease the gods and bring prosperity to the community.


The play also touches on the impact of colonialism on traditional African cultures. Alejoko, who is educated in Western culture, sees the community’s traditions as backward and superstitious, and he seeks to modernize and “civilize” the people. However, the people cling to their customs and beliefs, leading to a clash between tradition and modernity.

Soyinka’s writing style is captivating, and he expertly weaves in elements of African folklore and mythology to create a compelling story that keeps the reader engaged. The play is also notable for its use of language, as Soyinka masterfully blends English with Yoruba, a West African language, to create a unique style that is both poetic and accessible.

Overall, The Strong Breed is an excellent play that offers insight into the complexities of African societies and their relationship with tradition, colonialism, and modernity. It is a must-read for anyone interested in African literature and culture.

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For those who want to read The Strong Breed by Wole Soyinka, you can download the free PDF version here.


In conclusion, The Strong Breed is a powerful play that is both thought-provoking and entertaining. Wole Soyinka’s writing is masterful, and the play’s themes and characters continue to resonate with readers even today. So, if you are looking for a great play to read, look no further than The Strong Breed.