Van Start: Middenopgeleiden naar NT2-niveau A2 by Wim Tersteeg Download pdf

Van Start: Middenopgeleiden naar NT2-niveau A2 is a valuable resource for middenopgeleiden (individuals with intermediate education) who are aiming to improve their Dutch language skills and reach level A2 proficiency. Written by Wim Tersteeg, this comprehensive guide offers a structured approach and practical exercises to help learners effectively navigate the complexities of the Dutch language. Whether you’re an immigrant, expatriate, or simply interested in learning Dutch, “Van Start” is designed to support your language learning journey.

“Van Start” focuses on guiding middenopgeleiden learners through the various aspects of the Dutch language, including vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The book follows a progressive approach, gradually building on previously acquired knowledge to enhance language proficiency. Each chapter presents clear explanations, examples, and exercises that reinforce learning and provide ample opportunities for practice.


Key Features:

  1. Clear and Concise Explanations: “Van Start” presents grammar and vocabulary concepts in a straightforward manner, making it accessible and easy to understand for learners at the intermediate level.
  2. Varied Exercises: The book includes a wide range of exercises, including listening activities, role-plays, comprehension questions, and writing prompts. These exercises are designed to improve language skills and build confidence in using Dutch in real-life situations.
  3. Cultural Insights: “Van Start” also offers insights into Dutch culture, customs, and everyday life, providing learners with a deeper understanding of the language and its context.
  4. Additional Resources: The book includes audio recordings, answer keys for the exercises, and supplementary materials that can be accessed online. These resources further enhance the learning experience and allow learners to practice listening and pronunciation skills.
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“Van Start” is a valuable language learning tool for middenopgeleiden who aspire to improve their Dutch language skills and reach level A2 proficiency. With its comprehensive content, practical exercises, and additional resources, this book provides a solid foundation for intermediate learners. Download your copy today and embark on a rewarding journey to master the Dutch language.