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The house that will be forever tied to the Amityville Horror phenomena may be found thirty miles outside of New York City, in Amityville, which is located on Long Island. On November 13, 1974, some people were brutally murdered at the estate. A 23-year-old man named Ronald J. DeFeo Jr. massacred his whole family while they were sleeping by shooting them with a.35 Marlin rifle. His victims included his parents and four of his siblings.

Thirteen months later, the Lutz family bought the house at a much-reduced price of $80,000 (due to the killings), but they only stayed there for twenty-eight days before moving out. Their chilling accounts of supernatural occurrences were the impetus for the urban legend of the Amityville Horror, giving rise to a deluge of written works, documentaries, and motion pictures.

Check out some of the terrifying claims made by the Lutz family, in addition to some of the other interesting facts about the notorious property, whose reputation for terrifying visitors has not yet been tarnished:


The Lutz family experienced supernormal activity

  • The stepfather, George Lutz, was known to dabble with the occult throughout his life.
  • It was stated that George woke up at the same time every morning, approximately the same time that Ron was carrying out his killings.
  • The Lutz family stated that they had experienced chilly spots in specific places of the house, smelled unusual scents, saw green slime oozing out of the walls and keyholes, and saw slime oozing out of the walls.
  • It is said that when a priest went to the house to bless it, he heard a voice screaming, “Get away!” He warned Mrs. Lutz and her family that they should never utilize the bedroom in that area of the house.
  • A pig-like creature with red eyes glaring down at George and his son Daniel from a window; George wakes up to his wife Kathy levitating off of their bed; sons Daniel and Christopher also levitating together in their beds; a nearby garage door opening and closing; an invisible spirit knocking a knife down in the kitchen; a pig-like creature with red eyes staring down at George and his son Daniel from a window; and other paranormal activity.
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Many questions the validity of Lutz’s story

  • Following the telling of their narrative, George and Kathy decided to put their word to the test by taking a lie detector examination. They got through it.
  • Skeptics were led to believe that the couple was motivated to fabricate a fantasy story to sell it to the general public because they were bogged down in legal and financial troubles.
  • William Weber, a former lawyer for the Lutz family who had a falling out with them over financial matters, came forward in 1979 and claimed that the three of them had conceived of the gruesome tale “over many bottles of wine.”
  • Son Daniel, a stonemason who leads a tranquil life in Queens, New York, alleges that the mansion destroyed his life and that he still has nightmares to this day. Daniel also claims that the nightmares began after he moved into the house.
  • Ron, a convicted murderer who is still alive and is currently serving six terms of 25 years to life each, stated that he heard voices telling him to murder his family while he was incarcerated in New York. Since then, he has altered his tale on many occasions.

The Amityville House still stands — with a new address

  • The Amityville House was officially sold in February 2017 for $605,000 to an owner who has remained anonymous. This represents a reduction of $200,000 compared to the initial asking price. Since the killings, it had been owned by a total of four different families, and during one of those periods, the address had been changed to 108 Ocean Avenue. (The address of the home on Ocean Avenue when it was first built is 112)
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