Aquatic Ecosystem: Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation by Mamta Rawat, Sumit Dookia, Chandrakasan Sivaperuman (eds.) Download pdf

Welcome to an exciting exploration of aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity, ecology, and conservation through the enlightening book titled “Aquatic Ecosystem: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation” edited by Mamta Rawat, Sumit Dookia, and Chandrakasan Sivaperuman. This article provides an overview of this remarkable publication, offering valuable insights into the intricate world of aquatic ecosystems and the importance of their conservation.

“Aquatic Ecosystem: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation” is a comprehensive compilation of research and perspectives on aquatic ecosystems. Edited by esteemed experts Mamta Rawat, Sumit Dookia, and Chandrakasan Sivaperuman, this book brings together contributions from leading researchers and practitioners in the field. It covers a wide range of topics related to aquatic biodiversity, ecology, and conservation.


The book presents a holistic view of aquatic ecosystems, examining their unique characteristics, the biodiversity they support, and the complex ecological interactions within them. It delves into the various threats faced by these ecosystems, such as habitat degradation, pollution, climate change, and overexploitation. Moreover, it emphasizes the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect and sustain these valuable ecosystems for future generations.

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By providing this free download, we aim to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and foster greater awareness about the significance of aquatic ecosystems. We believe that easy access to this book will benefit researchers, students, conservationists, and anyone passionate about preserving our natural environment.

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Whether you are a student exploring the intricacies of aquatic ecosystems, a researcher studying biodiversity, or a conservationist working towards protecting these vital habitats, “Aquatic Ecosystem: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation” is an invaluable resource. This book offers a wealth of knowledge, scientific insights, and conservation strategies that can contribute to the sustainable management and preservation of aquatic ecosystems.

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