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Erigga – Pot Of Stew Lyrics

With so much katakata in NiG
Its kinda hard to focus on only GOD
But I keep my heads up for better days
Incase e pass na to hold give am better babes
My only prayer make this colos no fuck me up

Come dey fight come go blow person lip for club
Cos this blogs no play with yeye story
No mind erigga enh enh that na igbo dey talk
Get your dirty hands out my polo raph
Keep your soap na money na him we take dey baff


If you feel say na loud na him dey make me spit
Take my plug number zero hate zero spit
New benz amen new crib amen
Vacation amen new monеy amen
Na so e go be mе I no know for you

Na good life I dey find no be pot of stew
Investments amen contracts amen
Cooperate bodies dey call that one too amen
Na so e go be me I no know for you
Na good life I dey find no be pot of stew

I don tire to follow my demons fight
Or argue as e be say I no fit win am
Gimme the backwood pacaline dirty sprite
God pikin but my mind na devil full am
We no fit make am unless we no put hand for sin


No be our fault na watin the system tell us
I know many guy men when graduate with phd
No work for them olu wire dey tear lexus
Dey give girls when no love am na so you think they

You no know how much e c pay
Mama chale dey azza dey rest
Normal lifestyle who dey do am to impress dress