Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry Download pdf

In a world that often emphasizes conformity, “Forget Me Not” by Ellie Terry shines a heartwarming light on the beauty of individuality and the power of friendship. This captivating novel takes readers on an emotional journey through the lives of two young protagonists, highlighting the challenges they face and the profound connection they forge. In this article, we will delve into the touching narrative of “Forget Me Not” and explore the themes of acceptance, empathy, and the enduring bonds that transcend differences.

“Forget Me Not” introduces readers to Calliope June, a young girl with Tourette syndrome who navigates the trials and tribulations of middle school. Known for her involuntary tics and struggles with communication, Calli faces the harsh judgment of her peers and yearns for acceptance. Parallelly, readers meet Jinsong, a boy who recently moved to Calli’s town and grapples with his own challenges, including a secret he’s determined to keep hidden.


As the story unfolds, Calli and Jinsong’s paths intertwine, leading to a unique friendship that blooms amidst adversity. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, understanding, and compassion. As they confront their fears and insecurities, the bond they share becomes a powerful force that helps them navigate the complexities of adolescence.

“At the heart of ‘Forget Me Not’ is a poignant exploration of acceptance and friendship,” as author Ellie Terry masterfully weaves a narrative that celebrates differences rather than shying away from them. The novel invites readers to empathize with Calli and Jinsong, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges they face while highlighting the importance of looking beyond surface appearances.

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To fully immerse yourself in the heartwarming tale of “Forget Me Not,” we invite you to download the PDF version of the book and join Calli and Jinsong on their transformative journey. Experience the emotional highs and lows as they learn valuable life lessons, confront their fears, and discover the true meaning of friendship.


“Forget Me Not” by Ellie Terry is a testament to the enduring power of empathy, understanding, and friendship. Through the lives of Calli and Jinsong, readers are reminded of the beauty that lies in embracing differences and forging connections based on genuine compassion. Download the PDF and embark on a memorable literary experience that will warm your heart and leave a lasting impact on your perspective of the world.