I Survived Lyrics By Young Dolph

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I Survived Lyrics By Young Dolph

I survived
It’s Dolph
I survived
Straight from the bottom

[Verse 1:]
If I survived this shit then anybody can
Feel like the whole world against you, what would you do?
Daddy smoking this shit and my mama too
Auntie and my uncle too

Remember daddy put mommy in the hospital when I was 2
Maybe 3, he apologized and bought me some shoes (I remember that)
He always told me he was sorry though
Reflection of my parents, 4th grade when I called my teacher a hoe
Yep, that’s when shit got real

Grandma came got me, said fuck yo momma
Hell, bitch where you live?
You don’t talk back or you get slapped
You a fuckin child, you don’t pay bills
Where I would be without auntie May
Only Lord knows, God bless her soul

I survived
It’s like
I survived
When you used to the bottom and you’ve been at the bottom for so long
I survived
It’ll make you appreciate the top
I survived
Like nah, never before
This shit a miracle bruh

[Verse 2:]
1999, my auntie Betty died
She had one child and that’s my big brother
Grew up in the same bed, we used to fight each other
He the only nigga in the world that know my hoe struggle
Hell yea nigga, that’s my big cause

He was with me when I flew and went and got my first blood
Started counting too much money and started drugging hard
Swear to God it feel like it’s a curse on me and my boys

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My partner fell asleep, hit the pole and my partner died
Couple months later I fell asleep, dragon to the chi
Final Destination, God this can’t be my last ride
6 years later we flipped over again and we still alive

I survived
RIP Big Moon
I survived
I survived
This Paper Route, Empire City man
I survived
This shit means I love sweet meals man

Mom and daddy doing good, they still together too
I went and got a crib and one for them too
Like my uncle Vic I’m the shit (RIP)
By the way, rest in peace to auntie May

I’m blessed
I survived
It’s Dolph, yea yea yea
I survived
I survived
Wuddup Drumma
I survived
It’s Dolph
I survived
I survived