This revised, expanded, and completely updated edition of the most complete and successful book on lobsters contains contributions from many leading authorities. Each of these contributors offers essential information for those working in lobster biology, fisheries research and management, and aquaculture.

Lobsters: Biology, Management, Aquaculture & Fisheries by Bruce Phillips [pdf]

The Second Edition of Lobsters: Biology, Management, Fisheries, and Aquaculture, which Bruce Phillips is editing, delivers exhaustive coverage of these fascinating creatures, stretching from growth and development to management and conservation. The book is being published under Lobsters: Biology, Management, Fisheries, and Aquaculture. Several chapters included in the First Edition and covered topics such as Growth, Reproduction, Diseases, Behaviour, Nutrition, Larval and Post-Larval Ecology, and Juvenile and Adult Ecology have been removed and replaced with new chapters.

These new chapters cover topics such as Lobsters in Ecosystems, Genetics, Translocation, Climate Change, Ecolabelling of Lobsters, Casitas and Other Artificial Shelters, and Systems to Maxim These new chapters reflect changes that are taking place in lobster management and breakthroughs in research brought about by societal, climatic, and economic shifts.


In addition to the information from new research, each chapter contains information on individual commercial genera. This information includes species and distribution, predators and diseases, ecology and behaviour, aquaculture and enhancement, harvesting of wild populations and their regulations, management and conservation.

The section on slipper lobsters has also been expanded to cover species of the genera Thenus and Ibacus, both of which are now the targets of commercial fishing operations. The shifts that have taken place in certain lobster fisheries, the new management systems that have been put into place, the present status of stocks, and the economic and social position of each fishery, have all been addressed and explored in great length.

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Lobsters, Second Edition is an essential source of reference for fisheries scientists, fisheries managers, aquaculture personnel, aquatic and invertebrate biologists, physiologists, ecologists, marine biologists, and environmental biologists, to name just a few of the types of specialists who will find it useful. It will be a very beneficial addition to the shelves of libraries in all educational and research institutions that study and teach subjects related to biological and life sciences, fisheries, and aquaculture.