English Phonetics and Phonology is an excellent text for individuals who have no prior understanding of the topic as it is an introductory text that is straightforward to understand regarding the phonological structure of the English language.

English Phonetics and Phonology. An Introduction by Carr Philip [Download pdf Below]

This leading textbook in the market teaches undergraduate students and those whose first language is not English the fundamentals of articulatory phonetics and phonology in an interesting and straightforward way.

This third edition of English Phonetics and Phonology has been meticulously expanded to include new materials on the first and second-language acquisition of English phonetics and phonology. It also boasts two new chapters on first-language and second-language acquisition of English phonetics and phonology.


These two new chapters have been added to provide greater flexibility for educators and increased support for individuals who do not have English as their native language. The topics covered in these chapters include the mental lexicon, the emergence of phonological rules and representations, and problems that arise during L2 acquisition. The website’s material has been expanded to include sound files linked to exercises.

  • In light of the author’s 34 years of experience teaching English Phonetics and Phonology in both the United Kingdom and France
  • Includes discussion of a variety of English dialects and techniques for learning additional languages
  • A textbook that has had tremendous success, and is now in its third edition, is available for students taking the first level of Phonetics.
  • references and tasks throughout each of the chapters to help students navigate the rest of the material
  • Access to a companion website offering extra educational tools, sound files, and materials for instructors is provided.
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For undergraduate students in courses on phonetics and phonology who have no prior understanding of theoretical linguistics and for non-native English speakers alike, English Phonetics and Phonology is an invaluable resource.