Money Dance Lyrics By Bryson Tiller

Money Dance Lyrics By Bryson Tiller

Here is a complete lyrics to Money Dance by Bryson Tiller. I hope you enjoy the lyric, share to others.

Ayo, tell him to do what he do, you know what I’m sayin’?
Tell him, my nigga, to get him in the real time, or really, really, really what it is, you know?
I done heard all the Bryson Tiller joints, I’m a Bryson Tiller fan
You can play this for Bryson Tiller
And my name is Puff Daddy, now known as Love
And I ain’t got no kizzy on my shit, this is motherfuckin’ R&B history
Haha, yeah

I know they thinkin’, “Why he do this?”
My nigga just said, hit me said, “Redo this”
My nigga Plus and Diddy just recruited
Been to the crew for the new shit, don’t question, I do this
Don’t sweat me, homie, it’s no pressure, I do this
I’m so ahead of these low level influence
Niggas, I’m so better, plus I’m just a go-getter, my dawg
It’s so different, no, I ain’t the old Tiller, my dawg
And often I get to trippin’ off of the shit that I bought
‘Cause I was sittin’ in park, livin’ in what I was whippin’
And listen really I thought, that was the end for a nigga
They shitted on me, I said ([?], nigga)
I got millionnaires sponsors, really sharin’ the knowledge
Billionaires conquer, shit that we barely conscious of
So don’t be sayin’ it cannot be us, uh
You can just rewind, it’s Bad Boys behind us

They keep askin’ how I got
All this cash in the bank, I’ve been makin’ a lot
My foot is on the gas, got Diddy doin’ the Money (It’s Bad Boys behind us, Bad Boys)
Dance with me, Dance with me
I peep them, they be hatin’ a lot
Don’t you niggas even think about takin’ my spot
This is just a mixtape, I’m just makin’ it hot
So just dance with me, dance with me (It’s Bad Boys behind us, Bad Boys)

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Somebody sound the horns
‘Cause DJ EDub about to drop another banger
Trap Certified Bangers
The bitches
It’s too easy, nigga
You can’t be me, nigga
It’s too easy
Think I’ma beat the city, you ain’t fuckin’ with me

Hi there 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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