Fall In Love Lyrics By Bryson Tiller

Fall In Love Lyrics By Bryson Tiller

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Man, I’m trippin’ off life and what it could be like
‘Cause how the fuck did I end up here
It seems like this shit could go right on the TV screen, no rewrites
This shit sound like it could be the thing I need, right
So tell me what it feel like
Well, in hindsight I still feel like I would kill for the limelight
Feel like I would kill for an A&R time’s like
“What’s up with a deal in Hell? Yeah, I’ll sign it right now”
Yeah, ’cause I’m still grindin’ right now
And I don’t care what, I don’t care what it takes, oh, yeah
‘Cause my baby girl is gettin’ older
And daddy’s gotta show her the way
I had to drop the self-doubt and pry the nails out
They box a nigga in, I’m tired of fittin’ in
Surprised I’m here again
Here lies an opp that tried to get the win
That’s my nigga, I been inspired niggas
Bet he never tell a lie again
I fight niggas, still I leave my niggas and my dons back
But I’m on some new shit, so, really nevermind that
He been out of time, so I never get my time back
The devil is a lie and [?] true
If he [?] God, “Who the hell is you?”
Every time I’m lookin’ at the screen
See some lame ass nigga hatin’ on
Nah, but for real, I’m really sick of all these lil’
These small fishes and krill niggas
They lack skill, I’m sharp with it, I’m ill
I’m sharp with it, I kill in dark trenches
I feel sorry for ’em, part angel, I’m part menace
Man, I feel like Mike Jack Thriller with dark tenants
They hate me with all feelings, but really my heart sendin’
The limelight, fuck feelin’ [?], I finish
Nigga, don’t be mad, just be glad you started this game
My arch nemesis is miles apart
And it’s really gettin’ harder to be [?] askin’ how Gandhi did it
Nobody did it, so [?]
And I gave my last to us, don’t ask me how much

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Love, it was enough to recognize
To see, I was the reason you feel sick inside
Fall in need
I’ll let you bleed
‘Cause you were fallin’, I’m sorry, I may be
‘Cause you were fallin’, I’m sorry, I

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