Due to the risk-averse nature of our society, we place a great value on the prevention of harm. We guarantee our travels. Cars are subjected to our crash testing. Our home appliances come with extended warranties as standard.

But suppose we protect ourselves from the unknown and try to avoid the inevitable dangers of living. In that case, we will miss out on the exciting journey of living our lives to the maximum possible extent.

Dr. Ben Carson spent his youth living on the streets of Detroit, where he was considered a high-risk child. As an adult, he has taken significant risks while performing difficult procedures on the brain and spinal cord.


Now, while providing us with illuminating instances from his own life, Dr. Carson encourages us to welcome danger into our own lives.

Dr. Carson investigates our society’s obsession with minimizing risk at all costs and the role that uncertainty plays in our everyday lives in his book “Take the Risk.” Take the Risk walks you through a comprehensive analysis of risk, encompassing the following topics:

  • Risk-taking in history
  • An assessment of the real costs and rewards of risk
  • Learning how to assess and accept risks
  • Understanding how risk reveals the purpose of your life

Dr. Carson’s insights in Take the Risk will help you dispel your fear of risk so that you can dream big, aim high, move confidently, and responsibly reap the rewards of risk-taking. From a man whose life dramatically portrays the connection between significant risks and greater successes, these insights come from Dr. Carson.

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Praise for Take the Risk:

“This book is for anybody who has ever wondered what sets people who set the pace apart from those who struggle to keep up with them. It doesn’t matter if you are a world-renowned neurosurgeon, the CEO of a company, or a teacher; this book is for you. This book discusses when and why to take chances in order to enable everyone to become a trailblazer rather than a simple spectator. Those who set the pace are the ones who take the risk, and this book explains when and why to take risks. This book is an absolute requirement for anyone who considers themselves to be at least somewhat above average.”