Understanding Foreign Policy Decision Making explains how to make decisions on foreign policy. This method emphasizes the relevance of psychological elements in foreign policy decision-making by focusing on the decision process, dynamics, and outcome.

The book has a plethora of extended real-world case studies and examples that are interwoven throughout the narrative. The accessible cases and examples include decisions made by leaders of the United States, Israel, New Zealand, Cuba, Iceland, and the United Kingdom, among others.

Understanding Foreign Policy Decision Making by Alex Mintz [Download pdf Below]

The book includes extensive material on alternatives to the rational choice model, decision marketing and framing, cognitive biases and errors, and domestic, cultural, and international influences on decision-making in international affairs, in addition to coverage of the rational model of decision making, levels of analysis of foreign policy decision making, and types of decisions.


Existing textbooks on foreign policy decision-making, international relations, American foreign policy, and comparative foreign policy do not present such an approach.


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