The ambition of every publisher is to sell one hundred million copies of their publications. E. Haldeman Julius made it happen. Every year, publishers fail before they see a fraction of that figure, ultimately leading to their demise.

Your First 100 Million by Daniel S. Pena Sr. [Download pdf Below]

The explanation is straightforward. Only a handful of publishers in the United States are really in the know about what their readers want to read. Even fewer people are aware of the specific phrases in a title that has the power to incite a buying frenzy.

Applying the findings of the incredible scientific experiment conducted by E. Haldeman Julius will allow you to stand out from the crowd and take command of your publishing career. He was responsible for publishing thousands of books that shared identical cover art, dimensions, and prices.


The difference between them may be summed up in a single word: title. He made the startling discovery that modifying a single word may increase sales by several thousand dollars. Discover the purchasing patterns of the American public without breaking money by reading this article.

Use the keywords that stimulate the unquenchable hunger of your customers, and you will be the next publishing success. Don’t hesitate since your rivals won’t be waiting for you.


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