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Andy Gibb was the youngest brother of the singing siblings that performed as the Bee Gees. He was a popular performer in the United Kingdom and published the album “Shadow Dancing.”

Who Was Andy Gibb?

Andy Gibb began his professional life in Australia, but later moved to Miami to collaborate with his brother, Barry Gibb. Gibb began a solo singing career while his brothers were forming the Bee Gees, which became a successful band in the 1970s. Andy’s album Shadow Dancing was successful both critically and commercially, and it helped him gain popularity. However, he could not overcome his drug addiction and eventually filed for bankruptcy. He died in 1988.

Early Career

Andrew Roy Gibb was born on March 5, 1958, in Manchester, England, and his birth name was Andy Gibb. He grew up in the shadow of his older brothers, Barry and twins Robin and Maurice. Gibb is the son of a band leader and a vocalist, and he went to Australia with his family when he was a very young child. His sister Lesley also came to Australia with them. There his brothers had a popular television show and started their recording career. The family eventually went to England where the Bee Gees began to develop.


Gibb was just a young boy when his brothers scored their first major hit as a member of the singing group known as the Bee Gees. His brother Barry pushed Gibb to pursue his love of music and handed Gibb his first guitar. Gibb, the youngest brother of the Bee Gees, embraced the pleasures of the rock and roll lifestyle just as much as his older brothers did. To pursue his interest in music full-time, he left school when he was still in his early teens. After some time had passed, Gibb gave an interview to the publication People in which he stated, “Everyone said I’d regret leaving school so young, but there was nothing else I would have rather done.”

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While he intended to join the Bee Gees, Andy Gibb began his own group named Melody Fayre in the mid-1970s. However, while they were in Australia trying to market the group, he and the other members of his band decided to part ways. Soon after, Gibb formed a new band that they called Zenta. He ultimately gained the notice of Robert Stigwood, who had helped push his siblings to fame. Words and Music, which Gibb had written himself, was the tune that brought him his first success in Australia. Gibb is a skilled songwriter.

Top Solo Artist: ‘Shadow Dancing’

In 1976, when he was only 18 years old, Gibb relocated to the United States to pursue a career as a solo artist. He lived in Miami, Florida, with his wife Kim Reeder. During the summer, the couple tied the knot. (The couple eventually got a divorce after a few years had passed.) Recording of Gibb’s debut album, Flowing Rivers, began with the musician collaborating alongside his brother Barry (1977). The recording was a major success, with two number-one hits “I Just Want to be Your Everything” and “Love Is Thicker than Water.”

Gibb rapidly established himself as a successful solo artist in his own right. Many teens liked him at the time because he was both attractive and approachable, and images of him appeared in many different teen magazines at the time. Gibb wasted no time working on his next project, Shadow Dancing (1978). The album achieved many platinum certifications, and its title tune climbed to the top of the Billboard pop charts. While professionally succeeding, Gibb was suffering from a substance misuse problem in his personal life.

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While Gibb was working on his final studio album, After Dark (1980), he appeared to be falling deeper into his drug addiction. Even though he took on additional projects, he could not perform well due to the personal issues he was dealing with. He had a position as the co-host of the syndicated music show Solid Gold with Marilyn McCoo, but he was fired for not showing up for work when he was supposed to. Gibb had a leading role in the Broadway production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. However, due to his absence from an unacceptable number of performances, he was sacked from the role of Joseph. Because of his drug addiction, his relationship with the actress Victoria Principal ended.

Struggle with Addiction and Death

At the insistence of his loved ones, Gibb checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in the middle of the 1980s to receive treatment for his addiction. Following his release, he continued to make public appearances, but he was never able to regain the fame he had previously enjoyed. Gibb had spent all the money he had made during his most successful period and was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1987.

At the beginning of 1988, Gibb agreed with Island Records. He travelled to England to create his debut record for his new label, but he could not see the project through to its conclusion. Soon after he turned 30, Gibb first started experiencing symptoms of illness. At the age of thirty, Gibb passed away on March 10, 1988, at a medical facility in Oxford, England. The cause of death was confirmed to be myocarditis, a heart ailment. Peta, his daughter from a brief marriage to Kim Reeder, is the only person who will carry on Gibb’s legacy.

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