Since the book’s initial release, I have assigned it to both my undergraduate and graduate students, and I have utilized each and every edition of the book. Because it gives the pupils the degree of information that is necessary for academic work, it is required reading for all of the students.

Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and practice by Dave Chaffey [pdf]

Most importantly, it is a book that may be used by the practitioner as well. Because of this, we incorporate it into our postgraduate practitioner programs, where we actually purchase the book for the students because we think it is of such vital significance to their education.

There is no comparable text, and tens of thousands of our alumni have benefited from it in their subsequent professions since it was created by the specialist for the specialist. Principal Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University, David Edmundson-Bird Edmundson-Bird


The book Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation, and Practice, which is now in its sixth edition, gives thorough and useful advice to businesses on how they can fulfill their marketing objectives by making the most of the opportunities presented by digital media and technology.

Students will gain a better understanding of how digital marketing functions in the real world by participating in case studies and interviews with representatives from forward-thinking companies like eBay and Facebook, which are covered in the course Digital Marketing, which brings together the theory and practice of marketing with actual business experience.

Readers will gain an understanding of best practice frameworks for developing a digital marketing strategy, as well as the success factors for key digital marketing techniques such as search marketing, conversion optimization, and digital communications utilizing social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook

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Dave Chaffey is an expert in digital marketing and the owner of the website, which offers guidance and insights into marketing. He is a guest lecturer in the marketing departments of Birmingham University, Cranfield University, and Warwick University, as well as the Institute of Direct Marketing.

Fiona Ellis-Chadwick is an academic marketing consultant, as well as an author, and she is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the Loughborough University School of Business and Economics. In addition, she is the Director of the Institute of Research Application and Consultancy at Loughborough University.