First Call Lyrics By Bryson Tiller

First Call Lyrics By Bryson Tiller

Here is a complete lyrics to First Call by Bryson Tiller. I hope you enjoy the lyric, share to others.

Yo, what up, my boy?
Yo, yo
Yo, what’s good, man?
Yo, yo, ayy
I tell, what I tell you? Didn’t I tell you
Yo, ayy, yo, ayy Swan, guess who on the phone, bro
I told you, right?
Yo, bro, yes, yeah, you did, bro, and it’s crazy, man
Yo, I can’t even believe you callin’ me right now, man
Yo, I need some more jams, bro
Yeah, I got you bro, that’s, actually exactly why I’m callin’ you, bro, hum, man
What the f—, wow
First and foremost, let me say this, I’m proud of you, bro, I’m proud of all you accomplished
Thank you, bro, thank you
I mean I knew you was gon’ accomplish that shit ’cause I’m really really you in the future
But hum, yeah, man, I feel like you forgot, man, I feel like you forgot how important it is to have fun in this shit, man
Yeah, bro, I kinda lost my way there for a little bit, but uh
Yeah, man, I mean it’s just, uh, yeah, you gotta, you gotta drop another mixtape, bro, you gotta have some fun with it
I don’t know bro, I’m kinda focused on this album right now, bro
Yeah, I know, I know, but trust me, I ain’t never steered you wrong
Yeah, it’s true, that’s true
Do this shit, and I promise, man, if you look—, if you want this hunnid fifty foot yacht and this private jet I got in the future and this built—, well, uh—
I don’t wanna give too much away but—
Millions, what?
Get to work, man, I’m tellin’ you
Call up whoever you gotta call, call Saint, call EDub
Hell yeah
All them niggas
Yeah, I’m ’bout to c—, hey bro, I’m ’bout to call—
And fuck things up with this tape
I’m ’bout to call ’em right now
Alright bro, well shit, I’ma be listenin’, man, and uh, man bring that Killer Instinct back, man
Word, man, word
We need that hunger, we need that hungry Tiller, you know what I’m sayin’?
Do your thing, bro, I ain’t, I ain’t gon’ hold you, I’ll call you back
Shit, alright, bet
Aaaah! Let’s go!

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