Brandon Lee - Father, Death & Facts

Brandon Lee was a well-known actor in action movies and was the son of the late Bruce Lee. On the set of The Crow, an accident with a prop gun was the unfortunate cause of his early demise.

Who Was Brandon Lee?

Bruce Lee, a famous figure in the world of martial arts, is Brandon Lee’s father. Following Lee’s father’s passing, Lee, his mother, and his sister relocated to Seattle. He dropped out of college to pursue a career in acting. Lee was given a role in The Crow but tragically passed away after being accidentally shot by a mishandled prop gun as mishaps plagued the production. After Lee’s passing, the picture was finally finished and distributed to audiences.

Early Life

On the first day of February 1965, Lee was born in Oakland, California. Lee was the son of Bruce Lee, a well-known specialist in martial arts and acting. Like his father, Lee’s promising acting career was cut short by tragedy. He was there for a portion of his formative years in Hong Kong. Lee was only 8 years old when he had to say goodbye to his father, who passed away suddenly. Bruce passed away in Hong Kong from cerebral edema, a buildup of brain fluid. The circumstances surrounding his death are unknown. Following the passing of his father, he relocated to the Seattle area with his mother and sister.


Growing up was difficult for Lee because his family moved around a lot, and he was the son of a legendary martial artist. When he was a young adult, he had a history of delinquency and repeated expulsions from high school. After that, he attended Emerson College in Boston to study acting there for a year. Acting turned out to be his true calling, and he never attended college. Although he avoided movies about martial arts at first, Bruce Lee finally came to terms with his history. Cantonese, a language he had been fluent in since his boyhood, was used in the production of his debut feature film, Legacy of Rage (1986), which took place in Hong Kong.

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Early Career

During this time, Lee appeared alongside David Carradine in Kung Fu: The Movie, which was broadcast on television. The viewers have left quite an impression thanks to his impressive performance in the battle scenes, in which he played a lethal assassin. Laser Mission (1990), Showdown in Little Toyko (1991) with Dolph Lundgren, and Rapid Fire (1992) with Powers Boothe were the three films that Bruce Lee directed after his return to the big screen.

‘The Crow’ and Untimely Death

Lee, whose acting career was on the rise at the time, agreed to portray the role of Eric Draven in the film adaptation of James O’Barr’s comic novel The Crow. In the movie, he plays the role of a slain rock singer who is brought back from the dead to exact vengeance on the gang responsible for the deaths of both him and his fiancĂ©e. Some unfortunate incidents occurred during filming, starting with the first day when a crew member came dangerously close to being electrocuted. Lee was performing his death scene for the film toward the conclusion of filming when he was shot by a bullet trapped in the prop gun that was merely supposed to be a blank. The intended target of the bullet was not Lee. The bullet entered his gut, traveled through it, and lodged itself close to his spine.

Lee was sent to the hospital, where surgeons made numerous attempts to staunch the blood and repair the damage, but to no avail. On March 31, 1993, he succumbed to the injuries he sustained. A wedding to Lee’s fiancee was supposed to take place in Mexico on April 17, but that was before the sad event. On April 3, 1993, he was interred in Seattle near his father’s grave. He had died the day before. Over the course of several months, rumors persisted about whether or not the gunshot had been intentional. After an examination, it was established that his passing was an unfortunate accident that directly resulted from the prop gun not being adequately inspected between its uses.

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After completing the picture and shooting extra scenes the next year, The Crow was finally shown in theaters. The eerie final film directed by Lee garnered an overwhelming response from moviegoers.

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