Elvis 'Trained' Priscilla to Be His Ideal Wife

When Elvis Presley was 24 years old and Priscilla Beaulieu Presley was just 14 years old, the two of them had their first meeting. Elvis didn’t mind that Priscilla was older than him because he believed he could shape her into the kind of woman he wanted to be with.

Initially, Priscilla didn’t have a problem with conforming to Elvis’s vision for her future self-development. But as she got older, she started looking for greater control over her own life, which was something that was incompatible with their relationship and ultimately led to its demise.

Elvis and Priscilla met when she was in the ninth grade

During his time serving in the United States Army, Elvis was sent to a base in West Germany. Priscilla’s arrival in the nation took place in 1959 as a direct result of her father being sent there by the Air Force. A military member contacted Priscilla when she was out with her younger brother and asked if she would be interested in accompanying him and his wife to see Elvis. This occurred while she was out with her brother. Following a conversation with the man’s commanding officer, her father granted his blessing for the two of them to see one other.


A night in November of 1959 saw Priscilla on the road to Elvis’ temporary residence in Bad Nauheim. She was dressed in a blue and white sailor outfit for the occasion. Even when she revealed that she was only in the ninth grade, she was able to attract the star’s interest right away.

In an effort to win her favor, he sang a number of songs, one of which was “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” But, after she departed that evening, she believed that the event would not be repeated in the future.

The singer liked that Priscilla was young and inexperienced

Elvis saw a striking likeness between Gladys, his mother, and Priscilla, the woman he later married. Gladys had passed away not long before. He also shared this information with his close buddy Rex Mansfield, saying, “Priscilla is young enough that I can teach her any way I choose.” Elvis was hoping that Priscilla would pay another visit. The next time that they saw each other, he asked her into his room, where they shared a passionate kiss.

After Priscilla had gone on four virtual “dates” with Elvis, her parents insisted that the two of them should meet in reality. When it occurred, Priscilla’s father inquired as to the reason a celebrity was interested in his daughter despite her young age. Elvis said, “Well, sir, I just so happen to have a lot of affection for her.”

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She has a level of maturity that belies her years, and I love being in her company. The Beaulieus were captivated to the point that they consented to Priscilla maintaining her relationship with Elvis. He remained focal of her attention for the balance of his time spent in Germany.

She kept going to school but slipped farther and further behind, despite the fact that she did not take the medications that Elvis gave her when he sensed her exhaustion. He gave her the pills and told her, “I want you to take these; they’ll help you remain awake during the day.”

Due to Priscilla’s age, they were unable to go out in public together, although they continued to see each other rather frequently. The only thing they didn’t do was totally consummate their relationship, but other than that, they accomplished everything else. Priscilla wanted to do so as Elvis’s stint in the Army came to an end, but Elvis informed her, “Someday we will, Priscilla, but not now. You are far too young for this.

Elvis and Priscilla reconnected two years after he was discharged

After serving his time in the military, Elvis Presley departed Germany in March of 1960. Priscilla sent letters to Elvis, which she mailed in pink envelopes so that they would stand out among the fan mail that he received.

Her parents tried to prepare her for the possibility that the celebrity would forget about her and that their connection would end, but then he phoned her. And in the year 1962, he sent an invitation to her to come to visit, all the while doing his best to persuade her parents to let their daughter go to California.

Elvis added a stop in Las Vegas to the trip’s schedule after Priscilla had already arrived. In order for Priscilla to keep up with Elvis’ nighttime routine, she started using amphetamines and sleeping pills when they were living at that place.

In addition to this, she started donning the brand-new, more mature clothing that Elvis had bought for her. In addition to this, the singer had Priscilla’s hair and cosmetics altered to better fit his tastes, and he told her, “I like a lot of makeup.”

In the same year, Priscilla paid a visit to Graceland for the Christmas holiday. After that, Elvis urged her to continue her high school in Memphis, which was something she had been wanting to accomplish for a long time.

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Her parents at first disapproved of the proposition, but Priscilla persisted in pursuing it, and Elvis did his best to persuade them that their daughter would be in good hands with his father and stepmother. He also gave the impression that he desired to wed Priscilla.

Priscilla called herself ‘Elvis’ living doll’

Priscilla Beaulieu decided to attend Immaculate Conception High School in Memphis after she and her parents finally reached an agreement over the relocation of their daughter. In the beginning, she resided with Elvis’ father and stepmother; however, she eventually moved into Graceland on her own.

She took medicines that Elvis gave her so that she could attend classes during the day while still being accessible to him at other times. This allowed her to graduate from college in May of 1963.

Because Elvis placed high importance on what he saw to be Priscilla’s innocence, their relationship was never sexual (however, throughout his relationship with Priscilla, Elvis was with other women, ranging from girl-next-door types to Hollywood co-stars).

Yet there were other ways in which they were close. One of the most popular things to do was to chronicle sexual activities using Polaroids, such as a teacher trying to seduce one of his students.

Elvis also continued to refashion Priscilla, who subsequently referred to herself as “Elvis’ living doll, to fashion as he pleased.” Elvis continued to refashion Priscilla throughout their relationship. He insisted that she improve her posture and had porcelain caps installed on her teeth as a result of his insistence.

In addition to this, he was fashioning her in his own image by having her hair dyed black like his, styling it in an updo that was identical to his pompadour, and requiring that her clothing is in hues that were analogous to his.

Elvis and Priscilla didn’t have sex until their wedding night

Priscilla, who had frequently been left at Graceland while Elvis went out to shoot movies, had been referred to as a “live-in Lolita” through the course of her relationship with Elvis. Colonel Tom Parker, who was in charge of Elvis’s management, was concerned about the consequences that may arise if the couple did not marry.

Before Christmas in 1966, Elvis popped the question, most likely in response to Parker Presley’s persistent nagging. And despite the fact that the singer felt pressure about the whole arrangement, they went ahead and got married in Las Vegas on May 1st, 1967.

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On the night of their wedding, the couple had their first “all-out” night together. Priscilla also became pregnant quite quickly, which caused Elvis to be concerned about the impact that becoming a father might have on his career.

Even though they were only apart for a brief period of time, he requested a trial separation while Priscilla was seven months pregnant with their child. The first child, a daughter named Lisa Marie, arrived nine months after her parent’s wedding, on February 1, 1968.

Despite divorcing, when Elvis passed away, Priscilla ‘wanted to die’

When Priscilla gave birth to their kid, Priscilla learned that Elvis was hesitant to engage in sexual activity with her. He told her that he wanted her to have time to heal, but as Priscilla later recounted, “He had indicated before we were married that he had never been able to make love to a woman who had given birth,” he was unable to have sexual relations with her since she was pregnant. Even after they were married, Elvis continued to have sexual relations with other women. But, Priscilla decided that she could no longer wait passively for her husband to return home.

Priscilla had an affair with the proprietor of a dancing studio, but it didn’t last long. Yet despite having renewed her vows in Hawaii, she continued to struggle with the constraints that her marriage imposed on her. In 1978, she gave an interview with People magazine in which she remarked, “My life was his life.” “My issues were of a minor nature.” She was still searching for something more, so she embarked on an affair with her karate instructor, Mike Stone. In 1972, she informed Elvis that she was ending their relationship. When he found out about her affair, he considered hiring a hitman to kill her partner; however, he was persuaded not to go through with it.

Their divorce, which was formalized on October 9th, 1973, was a friendly one between the two of them. Priscilla would add in an interview in the year 2016, “Since I did not love him, I decided against getting a divorce from him. He was the one true love of my life, but I needed to broaden my horizons and see the wider world.” They took turns having care of Lisa Marie and maintained consistent contact with one another. The news that Elvis had passed away on August 16, 1977, left Priscilla in a state of complete and utter devastation. In her autobiography titled “Elvis and Me,” she stated, “I wanted to die.”